WYA WYD is a drama-comedy episodic that follows a group of 20 somethings as they finesse their way through New York City. The title eludes to the constant movement of young adults, the obstacles they face and the unconventional ways they solve those challenges. At the center is Jackie and her roommates, Cooper and Q. We follow the trio as direction-less as they are. Between their desire to stay sheltered and Jackie's drive to stay in school, they throw themselves into any leads they can find. From working retail jobs to selling drugs, these roommates will do anything strange for a little bit of change. Written from real experiences, the dialogue and subject matters are sincere as fuck and does not shy away from topics missing in today's entertainment.
JACKIE COOPER Q DARIUS RACHEL NADIA MONICA NEEKA Joyce Keokham Kobe Delgado Aqib Hanif Oniel Lyttleton Gal Amit Vita Haas Mercedes Olmstead Michaella Shiamilis
DIRECTOR/WRITER AD PRODUCER EXECUTIVE PRODUCER DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY 1st AC EDITOR GAFFER SOUND CASTING PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS ILLUSTRATIONS WARDROBE HAIR MAKE UP Joyce Keokham Sammy Kim Stefany Lazar Hilel Kafi Andrew Yuyi Truong Jacob Tran William Wu Carl Knight Joanne Li Van Doan Alvina Bokhari Dominick Banks Angel Marinez Ashley Silva Brandon Yepez David Johnson Taj Cutting Ray Herrera Leslieann Santiago Darnell Morrisson Latisha Chong Ori Gilady
WITHOUT OUR EARLY SUPPORTERS Bryan Valdez Edson Rodriguez Jon Carlos
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